DIY Ideas to Give Yourself an Instant Treat: #MeTime

Oh, SELF, there are so many ways we love thee, but now we’re adding a new one in DIY form, because we are sometimes lazy. Really lazy. And/or we don’t have the desire (or time) to run to the salon every week for new beauty treatments. Yep, we’re talking about the contents of your fridge! A face mask helps you to relax by taking the stress out of a crappy day. They are much good at banishing unsightly parched patches, minimising pores, and zapping blemishes. It is a good option to add to your weekly self-care ritual leaving your skin much more hydrated and reducing the look of large pores. So, delve into a stash of goodies in the kitchen to make these budget-friendly hacks that feel like a day at the spa. Here’s presenting the most spa-worthy homemade face masks to whip up right now.

  • Brew one cup chamomile tea and let cool completely. Add raw honey and yeast to it to create a thicker paste. Let this sit across your face for 20 minutes, then rinse off. 

  • Mash half of a banana, add tablespoons of orange juice and honey and apply the mixture to your face. Rinse with lukewarm water after 15 minutes. 

  • Combine one egg yolk, honey, and olive oil with half a cup of oatmeal. Apply this mask to your face for 20 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water. 

  • Mix half-cup powdered milk with water to form a thick paste, then coat your face with the mixture. Rinse with warm water. 

  • Spread mayonnaise from your refrigerator over your face, let sit for 20 minutes, then rinse with cold water. 

  • Mix plain yogurt with orange juice, some of the orange pulp, and aloe, then leave the mixture on your face for 5 minutes before rinsing. 

  • Pat your face with mild yellow mustard for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water (Do a patch test to make sure it won’t irritate). 

  • Mash ripe strawberries with ground almonds, add plain yogurt and make a pasty texture. Apply it to your face and rinse off. 

  • Mix half-cup of buttermilk with two tablespoons of yogurt, leave on the face for a few hours, then wash off. 

  • Mix aloe vera gel with a little glycerin, dabb this mixture on your face, and wash off after 20 minutes.

  • Mix 2-3 teaspoons honey with 2-3 boiled, mashed carrots. Apply this on your face and neck, wash after 15 minutes. 

  • Apply a paste of mashed peach and a teaspoon of brandy to your face and neck. Rinse this off after 20 minutes for a luminous skin.

  • Blend papaya, cucumber, and banana to make a smooth paste, let it sit on your face for 15 minutes, then wash with lukewarm water.

  • Blend watermelon cubes with yogurt and apply this to sunburned areas, then wash after 20 minutes.

  • Add grounded mint leaves to half-cup multani mitti to form a thin paste. Apply it on your face and neck and wash when dry.

  • Mix pureed pumpkin with honey and milk; slather this on your face and wash after 10 minutes.

Trust us on this one, because these humble ingredients are a great glow-booster– Hello, supermodel skin. 

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