Republic Day is around the corner and just like any other Indian you also must be thinking about adding tricolor to your look on that day! While the flag is hoisted nationwide to induce a euphoric patriotic feeling, we’re gearing up to showcase our fashionista side. Dressing up for an occasion is excitement and fun. Especially, if the occasion is about national fervor, the excitement is notched higher. 

Are you mulling what would blend well with the office environment while ensuring you’re not overdressed? Here we come with outfit inspirations that’ll help you stay in theme for Republic Day without overdoing it. We suggest going out all Indian or Indo-Western to flaunt your patriotism. Below is a list of outfits you may drape to look your patriotic best at work.

Salute to the Tricolor in Saree:

Have some extra time to spare? For the quintessential Indian look, opt for a beautiful saree to the office. Interestingly, a saree doesn’t have to home all flag colors. Go for a lovely floral print or woven blouse in orange and green. You can opt for any material you like from chiffon, silk to cotton as long as you are comfortable. There are plenty of sarees available in gradation colors that also look great when draped traditionally. You can try teaming up a green saree with an orange blouse for a gorgeous Republic Day inspired outfit. Another way for adding the tricolor flavour is wearing a saffron blouse and white saree with green patterns or vice versa.

All White with a Color Pop:

There are two ways to nail the tricolor look if you’re a lazy bird to dress up in the morning for Republic Day. Add a tint of patriotism to your look with a dupatta or scarf. Firstly, you can wear a dupatta or scarf that has saffron, white, or green prints over a white kurta. Secondly, saffron-colored dupatta over white kurta supported by green bangles or earrings or even juttis.

Flared Lehenga:

Mix and match and go crazy this Republic Day with your personal style. You can choose a lehenga with a full flare skirt or opt for an A-line skirt with a cropped lehenga top. Add a decorative dupatta and you could show off all the colors of the Indian flag through the different pieces. Wear an orange kurta with a blue skirt inspired by the chakra to look different yet your best patriotic spirits.

Flaunting Tricolor in a Kurta:

Bring out the bhangra moves when you get decked up in a Patiala and kurta look. Kurta pajama, an all-season, comfortable option for women, has a range of styles including patiala, anarkali, churidar, etc. You can go wild by mixing and matching prints and colors that show off your patriotic spirit. Keep the colors light and choose some elegant embroidery to wake up to this Republic Day. Add a parandi to your hair and slip into a pair of jutis for a lovely ethnic look. 

Fusion Flair:

If pulling off an overly ethnic look seems tiresome, try going fusion. Wear a jumpsuit with vibrant ethnic prints or embroidery. You’ll get showered with compliments for this bohemian yet oh-so-Indian fashion trend. To make the look more apt for the occasion, stick to shades of coral, orange or green.

Traditional Yet Quirky:

What’s another way to work up Republic Day fashion without going overboard, particularly if you have your work planner filled? In a functional top that gives a nod to the tri-colors! Ramp up your basic office outfit by throwing in a flowy, white top featuring colorful detailing like tassels or embroidery. Go ‘Republic Day Special’ ready to work by wearing solid green mid-rise trousers with a white top. Layer it up with an open-front saffron jacket or blazer and you’re ready to step out in a tricolor theme.

Greet the festivities with simple yet elegant clothing. Showing love for your motherland need not necessarily mean flaunting the quintessential tri-color hues. Keep the color combinations complementary with light and dark shades of cotton or linen wear. Avoid flamboyant accessories; instead go for simple add-ons like casual earrings and wristwatches. You could simply turn up in garments that exude ethnic elegance. So, choose from these amazing Indian outfits and show off your patriotic glamour! Jai Hind!

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