You. Clothes. And A Whole Lot Of Lazy Day

Now that the holiday season has passed, it’s back to our usual mundane routine, which can sometimes lead to boring fashion choices. It’s no secret that we’re all spending more time than usual in front of the TV, and more time wearing clothes that put comfort first.

There are two important rules to be a lazy chic: 1. Comfort is key, 2. Basics are important. When did you last take time for yourself? The low-key “self-care and chill” weekends are the perfect times to bust out a lazy day outfit. Who wants to be cooped up in stiff jeans when we’re chilling indoors all day? On the other hand, staying in doesn’t have to mean sacrificing on style, and it’s a massive mood-booster when we dress to make ourselves feel good. So in preparation for hibernation season, we’ve got these looks for you guys to rock when you’re at home! (Or wherever you need to look cute lounging around.) Dig in and get inspired to up your cosy-dressing game with our top picks…

Go ahead and grab V-neck t-shirts in as many colors as you can. Every single one will be in heavy rotation throughout the outdoor concert and farmers market season.

A good dressing gown can be the solution to any loungewear woe. Wear yours over your favorite underwear set or just as a finishing touch for any pajama look to feel more put together on an extra lazy day.

Just think of wearing a glossy nightgown– but this pink, fluffy slip is what dreams are really made of.

A throw-on oversized sleep shirt worn with an extra-luxe eye mask results in the perfect Sunday morning look you can imagine.

Remember: even a white tee and some flannel pajama bottoms can look like a stylish combination if you wear them with the right attitude.

Loungewear doesn’t have to be bulky to be cosy. Aim for a leaner look with leggings or slim-fit fleece pants. On top, wear something comfy yet stylish, such as a nicely patterned tank or a button-down blouse, a tee or a long-sleeved cotton pullover (Make sure your top falls at or below the hips).

Sweatpants do not need to be shapeless objects with tight elastic around the ankles and a rear that hangs to the floor. Stylish, contemporary sweats or track pants are slim-fitting and keep the ankles streamlined with simple tapering or cute ties. Alternately, choose yoga pants in a subtle shade, such as black, brown or gray, and in a luxurious fabric, such as hemp or organic cotton. Pair slim sweats or yoga pants with a shirt or sweater that is comfortable but not ripped, worn thin or tacky.

This is the easiest look to rock as all it requires is one of your boyfriend or hubby’s shirt! Instead of grabbing his old t-shirt, opt for a crisp boyfriend tee. They tend to be a bit longer than a t-shirt, and I like to roll the sleeves up to give it a worn in but tailored look. Definitely easy to wear lounging around the house, but equally as chic when slightly tucked in with a pair of jeans and heels.

You can mix casual sweatshirts with elegant silk shorts when lounging at home. It’s the perfect mixture of comfort and sexiness. You can move around the most in sweats and it keeps you the most warm! The trick to this look as it can easily look too casual, is to pair it with a sexy silky strappy tank or one with a sexy back detail.

Lazy day dressing doesn’t mean sweatpants and beanies in a fashion girl’s dictionary. The key to successfully pulling off cute non sloppy indoor outfits is to juxtapose materials and textures, and also to mix casual and sexy pieces together. Wish you a Happy Lazy Day!

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