Housewife’s Day – Gifts for the busy Housewife that will make her smile

A housewife is minimalist at heart, so living with less stuff has always been her gig. Since Housewife’s Day is coming soon we’ve curated a few things they love and help to make their life easier. If you’re lucky enough to have ever been taken care of by a housewife, thank them for all they did/do. Compare your rough day with that of the housewife.

They deserve it all, for all the floors they’ve washed, all of the diapers they’ve changed, and all of the dinners they’ve cooked. Whether it’s a call from school and rushing out the door or sitting with a kid on the couch while someone suffers through stomach flu. They’re one foot in and one foot out almost all day long. 

Here are a few examples of you can show your appreciation and gratitude to the housewife in your life this year, in ways that are both safe and affordable.

  • Practice self-care such as meditation, yoga, a night out with friends, time to read a book or watch a movie, or even just walk around the block. Help her relax with a few organic, handmade, and natural bath bombs. Those are packaged so beautifully.

  • When I’m feeling down or stressed, retail therapy never fails to lift my mood. This may not happen often, but it’s nice to set aside the sweatpants and t-shirts and put on a fitted shirt and jeans, if for no other reason than to make sure they still fit. Treat the housewife in your life with a shopping spree by purchasing and wrapping her favorite clothes.

  • Knock Out That Honey-Do List:

    If your wife or mom’s love language is acts of service, consider this gift idea a home run. Blow her away this Housewife’s Day by tackling her honey-do list. What about repairing things around the house? Is your kids’ swing set still in boxes? Whatever it is that she’s been wanting you to do, do it this Housewife’s Day unprompted. Trust me; she’ll love you for it!

  • A cotton jersey pajama set perfect for lounging around all day or even wear outside to fetch the paper. They’ll feel oh-so-fancy even though they’re wearing PJs.

  • Hey, the times that they do go out into the public, they can wear it proudly! A comfy sweatshirt to wear…well, when they’re at home (which is all the time). Or on the rare occasions that they do go out.

  • The “Home Spa” treatment: Because let’s face it — most housewives don’t go to the spa. They either don’t have time, or don’t pamper themselves that way. This is a gift that they’ll actually use on their own terms. Because I promise you, housewives need a timeout from the madness. Some QT, please.

  • Nothing Beats A Nice Robe:

    Part of taking the time for self-care, is to make yourself as comfortable as possible. So why not give her a nice robe to snuggle in, especially in the morning while sipping on a cup of coffee before the kids wake up? What’s more, a pretty robe makes for a thoughtful gift that your crew can use over and over. These picks are cute and won’t even look embarrassing if she has to snap-back to reality to answer the door when the USP man arrives…

  • For The Active Housewife…

    Nothing beats gifts that will help her keep moving! Stay-at-home moms always need a new pair of yoga pants, #sorrynotsorry. That’s just how it is. Even if she doesn more than just stay active in her gear, they’re comfy and stylish enough to wear anywhere! A premium sportswear might be just what she’s been wanting as well — only she’ll never admit it, because housewives don’t usually think of themselves.

  • Long Workdays Require Good Sleep:

    Another way to make them sleep better is with a comfortable nighty that’s super soft and gentle against the skin. It also keeps them warm and cosy throughout the night, giving them the rest they need after a long and tiring day.

  • And A Combo Package:

    A special combo that isn’t on the list but is Awesome. A gift card to a spa, plus money in her purse to spend for a day, plus taking care of the kids for the entire day, plus a clean house when she returns home, dinner reservations, and a babysitter for the night! Hey, a girl can wish, right?

  • When In Doubt, Just Ask!

    There’s nothing wrong with asking your wife or Mom exactly what they really want. You might be surprised, and they would rather prefer to spend the day shopping for themselves. Just give them what they really want. After all, Housewife’s Day only comes once a year! 

Bottom line? Share the Love

“Remember that a housewife will appreciate every gesture. She will appreciate a handwritten note, a phone call, the gestures of love — whatever it is. It’s the effort.” Last of all, make sure Housewife’s Day is not something that happens only once a year, just because that’s when the day falls!


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