Today we’re going to dive into your drawers and talk about your unmentionables– Yep, we’re talking about Your Underwear, My Underwear! Wearing clothes sans underwear– aka going commando– is getting popular among folks who prefer an, ahem… breezier feel on their body throughout the day. There have been years upon years of anguish and debate over whether or not we should suffocate our lady bits in strangling contraptions [underwear] or if we should just them be. Underwear does double duty, protecting your clothes from discharge and shielding your sensitive areas from chafing– but that doesn’t mean it’s mandatory. Some see it as bad for your sexual health. And others see it as a weird publicity stunt to gasp at. Ditching your panties can be the ultimate boss move. But could going commando mess with your lady bits? Here’s what you need to know if you want to air things out down there.

  • Going commando– it’s honestly, really comfortable. It’s just you, your vagina, and your pants getting to know each other better, hanging out like old friends, sipping glasses of wine.
  • There are some things you’d be putting at risk when opting for no panties. Who wants that annoying and painful rashness and discomfort resulting from skin rubbing against your clothing? As if that was the worst of skin irritation issues, next you’ll find yourself with friction blisters. So definitely keep this in mind before ditching your underwear,
    especially if you plan long distance walks.

  • Going undie-less is a glammed night out trend for a reason. Not only does every woman deserve a chance to channel her inner J.Lo, but she should get to take a break from Spanx now and again.

  • Whether you’re taking an indoor cycling class or engaging in any other activity where you lady parts need an extra barrier, don’t go bare-bottomed. It’s best to stick to a pair that covers your whole derriere.

  • Who can forget the scenes where the celebs accidentally revealed their hoo-has when getting out of cars or going panty-less at the club? If you’re going to toss back more than a few cocktails, don’t go nude under your skirt. Throw on some boy shorts, no one wants to see that much camel toe.

  • The new trend on the block is that nobody should have any vaginal secretions whatsoever. Obviously this isn’t true– discharge is totally normal. When rocking the commando vibe, an inevitable mess of stains will end up on your clothing. Especially if you’ve been sitting in your pants while panty-less and building up a myriad of female discharges, they’ll become more apparent and harder to wash out over time. But if
    you’re wearing light-colored fabric, consider protecting your clothing (and your ego).

  • It’s not just about your vagina. Do give your surrounding area a break from tight elastic that can irritate your skin, especially if you’re prone to getting razor burn. If you have just shaved or waxed– cotton or nothing.

  • Panty lines are a thing, no matter how much we don’t want them. It’s not only in tight clothing, you can also see those dreaded VPL in that loosely fitting satin slip dress. No lines are better than panty lines.

  • Natural vaginal fluids can build up in your not-so-protective pants, resulting in a nasty smell. Don’t get me wrong, regular vaginal odor is normal. But these unpleasant odors are gross and offensive, so don’t ask questions when you’re not invited to happy hour bowling with the crew.

  • The more you go commando, the more you will have stinky clothes. This will definitely up your laundry frequency, resulting in potential breakdown of the fabrics you’re wearing.

As hyped up it may seem for women joining the commando tribe, can we just agree that negative weighs the positive. Do use common sense. In the end, it all comes down to what you’re most comfortable wearing (or not wearing). Try sans undies to see if it’s for you or even dip your toes into the commando game for a little excitement with your hubby. But if you choose the latter, don’t let it be a regular thing. But at the end of the day, you don’t really have to tell a single person you’re doing it. In fact, you should embrace it.



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