Catch your leaks with these magic panties and stay mess-free all day

We’ve all been there: Just when you think of switching to a panty liner, your period makes a comeback with one last surprise: A leak. Again. The feeling of Niagara Falls down there, as you move, is especially annoying. Period accidents can happen to anyone, any time. Errant tampons, leaky pads—even thorough preparation doesn’t guarantee a life without leaks or stains or slips. Pad or Tampon needs to be changed every 4-8 hours. But what if you are stuck in wall-to-wall meetings and forget? You might have heard quite a few women pair perfectly with a mooncup. Wait, what? So your period is just sitting there? That’s so weird! Menstrual cups gives you more protection that conventional products, but the insertable items take some experimentation and the biggest issue is the blood when handling it, it’s messy.

A fabulous sustainable alternative is Period Underwear. “Wink wink”. You might be thinking. Bleeding into my panties? Omg, No! At first glance it can feel skeptical. Could I really put my faith in special panties and bleed freely without leaking and feeling uncomfortable? Will you feel the ermmm … Are they hygienic? Fear not most of these undies are made from several layers of anti-microbial fiber which draws moisture away, is odor resistant, and keeps you smelling fresh. Period-proof underwear change how women work and live, giving the capacity to go about life with confidence and ease.

These are lined with extra protection in the crotch to keep you dry during your period. These seamless panties are breathable and hypoallergenic, meaning you won’t have to deal with skin irritation, while already dealing with your period. Hello freedom, some period panties can be used on medium- and heavy-flow days without additional products. No matter what kind of flow you are dealing with—super heavy or barely there, there’s a period panty to fit your needs. They are designed with a super absorbent moisture wicking gusset to keep you dry, along with the cut and fabric of the brief, all combine to prevent leakage. They can hold between one or two tampons’ worth—depending on your flow it can carry you somewhat through the day.

By investing in period panties, you’ll probably keep your wallet happy. You don’t have to throw your cute undies away after use, you wash them and they are ready to go once again. They are also the go-to for all sorts of reasons—even when you’re not menstruating. They’re a great way to be more environmentally friendly. Women toss out a lot of menstrual hygiene products, never to be used again. With period underwear, you can rest easy. Period panties these days are designed to suit many different tastes. They are something oh-so-cute, something you feel beautiful in.

You call them period panties, time-of-the-month unmentionables, or menstrual gitch, we each should have at least one pair tucked in our lingerie drawer. While, yes, it sounds… iffy to go pad-, tampon-, or menstrual cup-free, investing in a pair of period panties will help save your sanity and your sheets. If you are not a huge fan of knowing that you are on your periods or witnessing the blood bath in your panties, I recommend giving period panties a try.

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