The power of evening routine you should be knowing!

Focussing on peak to rock bottom is equally important.

Which one are you? A morning person who shines up early sipping green teas in ceramics, doing yoga in wet dews, paying attention to your affirmations and setting everything ready before heading out or are you a night owl sipping wines at peace with long good showers, doing skin care routine at your own pace of time with Netflix, to feed on manifestations and finally make yummy food for yourself and finally get down to sheets? 

People always assert more on having a morning routine before heading out of their homes. It’s a good way to start off the day when you have daily structure that benefits your mind, soul and body. But do you know that nightly two hour screen free routine provides you and your home a meaningful structure of positivity and mindfulness. 

We always give others so much so why not give ourselves equally. Sometimes self appreciation, self love, spending quality time with yourself, being there for yourself is important. 

Picking up the right sequence of behavior won’t have to motivate you to grow; it will happen naturally to you once you step up. 

Evening routines are as important as morning routines. Getting off from your screen and making time for yourself may look like a hardship to start with but eventually it will all be fine. 

To get down for the start you can start writing accomplishments you achieved for the day and 3 goals you are targeting the next day. Make space for mental solitude, spend time with something that you love doing for yourself, give your eyes a break, put aromatic candles for yourself, stay hydrated, take warm showers with lavender essential oil, do meditations and manifestations, make hygiene a ritual, keep track on your night journal and accept and allow yourself to make peace and be at peace. Switching off your phone 30 minutes prior before heading to bed can really help you with spending time with yourself. 

Having routines and habits forces you to think hard about your priorities and make choices.  Let me tell you why having routines are important because: 

Routines help you prioritize what’s important. When you schedule your day a certain way or work hard to build specific habits, you’re essentially saying “this is what’s important to me.” 

Knowing what you’re doing each day helps you block distractions. When you have a routine, you’re more likely to notice when something is trying to take away your attention.

Habits free up energy for more important tasks.The more you can automate the things you do each day, the more mental space and energy you have to commit to more important tasks.

Daily routines and habits boost creativity. Instead, the most creative ideas come from working consistently and putting in the time. Habits and routines drive you forward. Your habits and routines are what help you see progress and motivate you to do more.

In the evenings you can make your body have an idea of you going for a sound sleep instead of fighting it at night by 

Dimming the bright lights and switching over to much cool dim lamps next to your bedside. 

Placing a diffuser containing your favorite essential oil in it. 

Checking your bedding with clean sheets that invites your body to a clean environment.

Up-to-date your pajamas while going to sleep as you don’t want to get your legs stuck between two tight fabrics while sleeping at least. 

Think peaceful thoughts and try visualization. Distract yourself from worries that keep creeping in your head. 

Relax your muscles with 10 seconds of exhale to each group of muscles and get yourself a sound sleep. 

I’m sure these must-haves are a great help to you and let me tell you that these amazing set of routines will enlighten you and your soul from doing all the things that you wanted to. Possibility is the outcome of sources that comes from within and not by searching out. 

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