Perfect Lingerie For Your Sunsign!

Every zodiac has its own traits that can’t be ignored. We are born with them. It defines most of the things that we choose, do or want to do in our lives, even your fashion sense. And fashion starts from beneath what we show to the world. So let’s see which lingerie is the perfect one for you according to your zodiac to keep your outer look even more desirable for others.


You are energetic & someone who never holds herself back. You impress & make bold statements wherever you go. And nothing can define your personality better than red color.

Aruba Red Lacy Lingerie Set of bold Aries. Shop Now.


The beautiful Red Bra by Daisy Dee for delicate Taurus. Shop Now.

A Taurus loves beauty & delicacy. They have an eye for details. For you the best lingerie is the one with lots of textures & in a beautiful color like Pink.


You are easy-going & all about having fun. You need a lingerie that’s eye-catching. Green means “go!” and hence this is the perfect color for you.

Playful Green Bra by Sonari for easy-going Geminis. Shop Now.


The shimmery Satin Babydoll by Clovia for the outstanding Cancers. Shop Now.

A cancer has a personality that makes a shimmering impact on whomever they meet. So the best lingerie for someone with this zodiac sign would be in White, Silver or Grey in shimmery finish.


Your strong, well-toned body needs the right color to compliment itself. A coral Sports Bra is the perfect match for a Leo.

The coral Sports bra by Tweens for Leos. Shop Now.


The subtle Nighty by Mystere Paris for delicate Virgos. Shop Now.

A Virgo is a gentle & delicate zodiac who likes to ease her way into every scenario. You may not be comfortable at showing too much skin in first go. A two piece nighty set is just as sexy as a strappy bra. Go for it.



Libra hates to be alone, and they shine in blue. They like things that are solid with delicate look, They like to balance the best of both the worlds. What could be better than a durable blue panty with a glimpse of lace to keep you snugged all day long?

The beautiful panty by Clovia for Balancing Libras. Shop Now.



Sheer Babydoll by Sona for the passionate Scorpio. Shop Now.

The passionate Scorpio should slip into two colours: Deep Red & Black. Go for sheer babydolls & embroidery to compliment your perfect body.



You are adventurous, and powerful colors like purple would suit you the best.

Purple Bra by Amante for Powerful Sagittarius. Shop Now.



The non-padded seamless Bra by Clovia. Shop Now.

You are the most sophisticated & professional of all the zodiac. Get yourself a design that offers a bit of structure or stability, and feels like second skin.



You have two personalities. At times you feel Sexy & bold & on other, you feel shy & reserved. But no matter what your mood is, turquoise is a color that will always suit you.

The turquoise lingerie by Clovia for Aquarius. Shop Now.



The cool printed bra by Tweens for Pisces. Shop Now.

You are playful, strong & versatile. You pull-off prints the best.

Tell us which is your Zodiac’s fit. Happy Shopping!

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